A Message from Martinez Mayor Rob Schroder

Martinez Neighbor,

I am greatly honored to serve as your Mayor and will continue to work hard to merit your trust.

There is no room in city government for petty squabbling or personal agendas. As your Mayor, I remain level-headed and focused on GETTING THINGS DONE for Martinez. These are some of the things we have accomplished together:

  • Balanced the City budget with a 24% reserve for emergencies
  • Repaved roads using $1 million in Measure J funds
  • Upgraded our parks, picnic areas and lighting; resurfaced our tennis courts and remodeled Rankin Pool
  • Preserved hundreds of acres of open space and future hiking trails
  • Brought outdoor dining platforms to our Downtown
  • Developed a preliminary strategy to payoff and rebuild the Marina
  • Together we stopped PG&E from unilaterally cutting down 506 trees in Martinez

But, we need to stay focused and work together to continue to GET THINGS DONE. Click here to read a copy of my candidate statement in the Official Voter Pamphlet.

Please call me anytime at (925) 708-1469, or send me a message. I would be honored to earn your vote for my re-election. Thank you.

Rob Schroder Signature



We need to work together to continue to GET THINGS DONE for Martinez. Here is my “To Do” list should you re-elect me Mayor:

  • Hire a Police Chief & More Police Officers: Public Safety is THE TOP PRIORITY. Martinez needs to hire a permanent Police Chief and develop a funding plan to hire additional police officers to patrol Martinez neighborhoods. Addressing the homeless population is also top of mind.
  • Earthquake Ready the Downtown: We saw what happened to Downtown Napa. There are a number of older buildings in Downtown Martinez that are still not earthquake safe. For the safety of our residents and employees, we need to push for earthquake compliance on those buildings.
  • Repave More Streets & Repair Potholes: Keeping Martinez streets repaved and repaired is important to our residents, and will cut down on wear and tear of our cars. Identifying additional revenue sources to allocate to road repairs is a top priority.
  • Build New “World-Class” Ball Fields at Waterfront Park: Building new ball fields at Waterfront Park for our youth athletic teams would be a huge benefit to Martinez families. It may also allow us the opportunity to possibly attract a semi-pro team to Martinez.

What Mayor Rob Schroder Will Do for Martinez

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